Here we have listed some bad and spammy or non informative links that google should not consider.Every time they crawl a url, if it’s in your disavow file then the disavow gets applied. (When a disavow is applied it is essentially the same as Google applying an invisible nofollow tag to the link that is pointing to you.) So, if you have disavowed the home page of a site and you check the home page and see that it has been recached then you can assume your disavow has taken effect. The same thing applies for individual pages.

So here are the links:


Recently government of India has ordered to block in INDIA!. Also has been blocked in many muslim countries.


What to do if your government has blocked access to ?

There are many options to unblock. I have explained few options below…



It sounds complicated, but it's actually very simple. I will give separate instructions for Phone and for Computer

FOR YOUR PHONE . From Google Play store or Apple Appstore search for: Cloudflare dns. After that just install the app, open it and Connect.




For Computer / Laptop - Windows users in Search type 'CONTROL PANEL' , then click 'NETWORK and INTERNET', then click 'Network and Sharing Center' then click 'Change Adapter Settings'. Choose your Internet Connection adapter - usually its WI-Fi connection. Make a RIGHT mouse click on connection and choose Properties



 Then choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (tcp/ipv4). Click  Properties and choose below (use the following DNS server addresses). Put preferred DNS and alternate  and click OK.

If your Internet Connection is still working after that and you can visit websites, then you should be able to access blocked websites. 

If this doesn't work, then try VPN. See next paragraph for instructions. 


2. Use VPN software to unblock

 With VPN software your can unlock any website that is blocked in your location or country.

Instructions: After you have installed VPN software in your computer or laptop or cellphone, ally you need to do is to Connect VPN and you can use internet normally. Open web browser and type in address (  

For LAPTOP or Computer:

  • HideME - FREE, but limited amount data
  • PureVPN - price is from 3 USD to 10 USD a month. depends on payment plan
  • NordVPN -  price is 3 USD a month

For Cellphone:

Go to Google Play Store or AppStore on your iPhone and SEARCH: free VPN. I found many free apps, usually if you are free user, you need to watch commercials. If you pay small fee, you can use VPN service without interruptions.






We always keep active few alias domains, so if gets blocked, you can access this website with different address. Please save those addresses in your BOOKMARKS. here is the list of alias domains:



Here will be text about proxies soon...


Alias domains are different names for same website. We have also created few alias domains for

Alias domains are useful if website gets blocked in your country. Usually government only blocks the main domain and forgets about alias domains. Also we can add more alias domains if needed here: